infrastructure summit #2





There's nothing like a market crash & global pandemic to expose the weak points of legacy financial systems.

5 Min Conference Kickoff w/ Dystopia Labs [Do Not Skip This]

Dystopia Labs

Why Bitcoin's Decentralized Financial System Is Important For Human Rights

Alex Gladstein

Operating LocalBitcoins: Learnings From Providing Peer-To-Peer Access In 150+ Countries


Trends In Bitcoin Development: A Quick Overview With A BTC Dev


How Bitcoin Moves Value In and Out Of Closed Economies (Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela)

Open Money Initative

Comparing Privacy Protocols For Linkability: Taproot and Beyond


Blockstack's Proof Of Transfer Mining: Payout In $BTC


DeFi's hyperbitcoinization: Bringing Bitcoin to Ethereum with Cross-Chain Bridges

Keep Project

Concourse Open

The Internet of Finance by DeFi Pulse

What the Fi is DeFi: Terminology & Concepts


What's Possible With EigenTrust For DeFi: lightweight credit scores, under-collateralized loans, etc.


Poking Around The ETH Playground: Let's Prototype DeFi Apps!


Using Money Legos: DeFi Composability With A Focus On Safety 


Constructing DeFiZap: Learnings On Designing For Extreme Composability


How To Build A Front-End From DeFi Legos


How To Use Contract Based Accounts To Create Your Own DeFi Protocol (Without Having To Write A Smart Contract)



Oracle Landscape Snapshot: How Decentralized Are These Feeds? (And Why DeFi Users Should Care)


How To Build Synthetic Tokens Without An On-Chain Price Feed

A Trusted Price Feed For DeFi: Workshop On Using The Coinbase Oracle

Coinbase Custody

Attack Matrix & Security: Thinking Through Oracle Construction

Coinbase & MakerDao


Exploring DeFi Options with the CEO of Opyn

Live Auditing & Security Best Practices with ConsenSys Diligence

ConsenSys Dilligence

Staking For Dummies: Everything You Need To Know On The Basics Of Staking


Workshop: How To Build A Trading Bot On The Melon Protocol

Avantgarde Finance

How To Use On-Chain Data & APIs To Track & Understand Whale Behavior


The Key Management Landscape: Innovations


Framework On How To Think Through A Technical Audit (Before You Even Write A Line Of Code)


SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce To Speak On Crypto Regulation & Policy

Hester Peirce

Now Is The Time For The Digital Dollar: Thoughts From A Former Central Banker


TD Ameritrade: Leaning Into Digital Assets, Guided By The Voice Of The Client

TD Ameritrade

Crypto Was Made For Crises: Covid-19’s Potential To Spark New Wave Of Adoption

The Defiant

Panel: Marrying Real World Assets To Blockchain

MakerDao, Centrifuge, Circle


Simulating The Risk Of Stablecoins


Crypto Investigations from a Former FBI Agent: Silk Road & More

0x Workshop: Consuming Liquidity In Decentralized Applications With 0x API

0x Protocol

Workshop: Hands On With The dYdX BTC Perpetual

dYdX Protocol

Workshop: How To Measure And Incentivize Liquidity


IDEX 2.0: A Case Study On Pragmatic Decentralization


Risk Management - From Traditional Markets To DeFi


DEX Universe for Dummies by

Using UMA and Balancer Pools to Create Perpetual Synthetic Tokens

UMA & Balancer

Constant Function Market Makers: Pushing Uniswap & Friends To Do More Things w/ Lower Fees


Liquidity Hacking 101 - How to Launch and Fund A Successful Automated Market Maker


Workshop: How To Use Wyre's API For Compliance & Payments


Optimistic Virtual Machine: Layer 2 for Money Legos


A Deep Dive Into Uniswap V2


The Future Of Stablecoins


What We Need To Do To NOT have DeFi be WeGetPwn'dEverydayFi


Workshop: Generalizing Flash Loans


The How and Why of Prize Linked Savings on Ethereum


On-Chain Governance With Tokenless Voting


The Power of Cross-Chain DeFi Applications


Exploring Layer-2 Scalability For Dapps: Interchain Messaging, BLS Rollups, & More

Skale Labs

zkSync: DeFi Scalability For Turbulent Times

Matter Labs

Liquidation & Chaos: How zKRollup DEXs Can Save the ETH Network From Clogging


Set Protocol

Set Protocol: Deep Dive Into Strategies Employed By Set Social Traders


7 reasons DeFi is broken, #5 will blow your mind

Stake Capital, Iqlusion, Aave

Theoretical Use Of Flash Loans & Attacks With Interoperability

Paraswap, Totle, Kyber

Exploring Requirements: What Is Needed For A DEX To Thrive On A Layer-1


DAOs as social layer of DeFi protocol

An Introduction to Polkadot for DeFi



Parachain Economics


UNICEF on Building for Impact: Blockchain in Emerging Markets

Avantgarde Finance, Bitgo, Coindesk

Panel: How DeFi & CeFi Are Innovating To Attract Market Makers (With Faster Settlement)

Avantgarde Finance

Market-Making Observations: From The Goldman Trading Floor To DeFi

Crypto Insurance: Learnings From The bZx Flash Event & Black Thurs w/ Nexus Mutual

Nexus Mutual

MolachDao, Compound, & MakerDao

Governance Panel with MolachDao, Compound, and MakerDao

Workshop: Pushing Web3 Into Mobile


Celo, Polychain, Multicoin Capital

Panel: Investing In Impact In Emerging Markets

Leveraging User Insights Across The Stack



Freedom from Fiat


A Data-Driven Look At BTC Liquidity Around The World with Wyre

.WTF Joint Event

The Future Of Mining


BTC Halving 101 with Ryan Selkis


Fact Versus Myth: The Realities Of BTC Mining With The Former Head of PR at BITMAIN

.WTF Joint Event

DeFi Redefined: Bitcoin Core Dev vs. Keeper of the Networks

Lightning Network

Workshop: How To Set Up A Node For Routing On The Lightning Network


The Grasshopper and the Antminer: What We Can Learn From Bitcoin's Nonce Distribution


Deep Dive on Proof of Transfer


How BTC Miners Can Make Use Of Derivatives For Risk Management 


Trustlessness is Overrated: Undercollateralized Lending through Web of Trusts

Outlier Ventures

Tackling The Liquidity Crisis In India


Settlement Prices, Finality, & Fallbacks: Best Practices For Using Price Feed Oracles In Your Smart Contract


Workshop: How Blockchains Can Mitigate Against Front Running For On-Chain Order Book DApps

VeeDo: STARK-Powered VDFs for Randomness, Timelocks and More


Red Flags to Watch For in DeFi and Emergence of Community Standards

.WTF Joint Event

Security Success Stories in DeFi (with the CEO of Trail Of Bits)

Trail Of Bits

Black Swans and Roundabouts: Navigating Resources In Restless Times


Startup Showcase - Kickoff


Zapper: Startup Pitch

Zapper: VC Panel #1

Zapper: VC Panel #2

QuiCash: Startup Pitch

QuiCash: VC Panel #1

QuiCash: VC Panel #2

Dedge Exchange: Startup Pitch

Dedge Exchange: VC Panel #1

Dedge Exchange: VC Panel #2


Startup Showcase - Concludes

MetaCartel, 1kx, Ric Burton

People's Potential & Protocol Politics 


Compliant & Accounting-Ready Bookkeeping System for Decentralized Finance


How To File Your Crypto Taxes (And Maximize Savings)


Checklist on Legal Considerations for DeFi Projects


Fundraising In Crypto During A Recessions: Leverage Future Revenue To Raise Funds 

IPFS / Protocol Labs

Breaking New Ground On Our Web3 Upgrade Path With IPFS

Gitcoin, Uniswap, Hashed

How Important Is Open Source & Decentralization At Different Stages Of Your DeFi Product Lifecycle

Tales From The Field - Building A Decentralized ISP in Abuja, Nigeria



Who is Supporting the Future of the Decentralized Workforce?

Under The Hood Of A Coin Mixer: Technical Tradeoffs & Design Decisions


Building DeFi with the Truffle Suite

Truffle Suite

Mastering the Mempool: How Understanding the Inner Workings of In-Flight Transactions Unlocks New Vistas for Front-End & Back-End Devs Alike



Abstracting Away Crypto: Learnings From Building Dharma's New Social Payments Application

Dragonfly Capital

Aggregation Theory In DeFi: Sharpening DeFi's FAANGs


Using A DAO To Launch & Manage Financial Assets On Multiple Chains

ETH 2.0 Update with Prysmatic Labs

Prysmatic Labs




Alex Gladstein

"Why Bitcoin’s Decentralized Financial System Is Important For Human Rights"

Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation


Alex Bosworth

Alejandro Machado

James Prestwich

Chun Wang

Muneeb Ali

Karim Helmy

Leo Zhang

Carolyn Reckhow

Consultant at CoinMetrics; Founder of Timelock, LLC

Founder at Anicca Research

BTC Core Developer; Advisor at Layer1; Co-Founder of Scaling Bitcoin

Co-Founder & Operator of f2pool; Founder of

CEO and Co-Founder, Blockstack

Lightning Infrastructure Lead

Co-Founder of the Open Money Initiative

Founder of Summa; Bitcoin Dev

Head of BD @ Thesis @Keep (tBTC); ex-Head of Operations @ Casa

Sebastian Sonntag

Michael Dunworth

Xan Ditkoff

Cynthia Wu

Jason Choi

Nishant Sharma

Shayan Eskandari

Boaz Sobrado

CEO of LocalBitcoins

CEO of Wyre

Growth Partner at Blockstack

Contributor to the Open Money Initiative; PHD Candidate

Head of Custodyat Matrixport (a platform launched by the co-founder of BITMAIN) 

Head of Research, Spartan Capital; Founder of BlockCrunch

Former PR Director at Bitmain; Founder & Partner at BlocksBridge Consulting

Contributor to the Open Money Initiative; Founder of

DeFi & Emerging MarketsSPEAKERS


Sep Kamvar

Co-Inventor of EigenTrust; Co-Founder of cLabs

What's Possible With EigenTrust For DeFi:

lightweight credit scores, under-collateralized loans, and more


Fabian Gompf


Amir Bandeali

Marek Olszewski

Sunayna Tuteja

Felix Feng

Jun Soo (JK) Kim

Taylor Monahan

Gavin McDermott

Founder & CEOof Set Protocol

Exec at Coinbase Custody; CEO of Blockscale

Ethereum Foundation; Creator of Burner Wallet & ETH.BUILD

Engineering & Research at IDEO Co-Lab; Founding Engineer at Bitgo

Co-Founder & CTO of 0x Protocol

VP at Parity Technologies

Founder &CEO of MyCrypto

Co-Founder & CTO at cLabs

Head of Digital Assets & DLT at TD Ameritrade


Ryan Selkis

MonaEl Isa

Can Kisagun

Alex Wearn

Rene Reinsberg

Ameen Soleimani


Ben Jones


Alex Gluchowski

Co-Founder & CEO ofMatter Labs

Summoner of MolochDAO; CEO at SpankChain

SEC Commissioner

Co-Founder & CEO at Messari

Co-Founder of Melonport; Former VP of Equities Trading at Goldman Sachs

Cofounder and CPO of Enigma

Founder of dYdX

Mad Scientist at Optimism

Founder & CEOof  IDEX

Co-Founder & CEO at cLabs

Jason Truppi

Zaki Manian

Nodar Janashia

Klaus Kursawe

Markus Franke



Bowen Wang

Mable Jiang

Leighton Cusack

Co-Founder of DeFiZap

Co-Founder & CTO of Opyn; Thiel Fellow; Former Blockchain at Berkeley

Principal at Multicoin Capital

CEO of Paydrop; Former FBI Cybersecurity

Co-Founder of iqlusion; Former Tendermint

Vega, Blockchain Researcher

CEO & Co-Founder of Hummingbot

Co-Founder of PoolTogether


Partner at cLabs: Economics

Noah Zinsmeister


Jack O'Holleran

Bill Laboon

Chandan Lodha


Sergio Mello

Julien Bouteloup

Zubin Singh Koticha

Camila Russo

CEO & Co-Founder of Skale

CEO of Tangem; Cold Storage On A Card

Founder & CEO of Stake Capital

Co-Founder & CEO of Opyn; Former Blockchain at Berkeley

Chiefess at The Defiant. Writing a book on Ethereum with @HarperCollins.

Engineering Lead at the Uniswap Exchange

Founder & CEO of Compound

Technical Edu at Web3 Foundation

Co-Founder Concourse Open Community

Co-Founder of CoinTracker


Alessio Delmonti


Joon Ian Wong

Nathaniel Hindman

Jay Zhou

Mehran Hydary

Lea Schmitt

Stani Kulechov


Blockchain Product at UNICEF

Co-founder at Loopring

CTO of Bitgo

Partnerships at Centrifuge

CEO & Co-Founder of Aave; #FlashLoans

CEO of PieDao, DessertDai, and DexWallet

Managing Director at CoinDesk

Head of Growth at Bancor Foundation

Co-Founder of Cryptio

Co-Founder of Authereum





Charles St. Louis

Baek Kyoum Kim

Arnaud Schenk



David Bleznak

COO of Aztec Protocol

Founder of Sikka; Research Scientist at Tendermint; Co-Host Epicenter

Security Engineer at ConsenSys Diligence

Independent Designer who helped Stripe & Ethereum

Product Engineer at Dharma Labs

Venture atHashed

Founder ofUnslashed

Biz Dev at Gitcoin & Meridio

Engineering, Maker Foundation

Founder & CEOof Totle

Andrei Anisimov

Jonas Lamis

Tom Schmidt

Matt Cutler

Allison Lu

Maggie Love

Vance Spencer

Deniz Omer

Mounir Benchemled

Rebecca Rettig

Co-Founder BlockNative 

Engineering at Coinbase Custody; a16z Crypto Startup School alum

Co-founder of W3BCLOUD; Founder SheFi

Investing at Dragonfly Capital

Partner. Co-Chair, FinTech & Blockchain Practice Group

Co-Founderof UMA; Former VP at Goldman Sachs

Co-founder at Framework Ventures

Founder and CEO at StakerDAO

Head of Ecosystem Growth @ Kyber Network

Founder ofParaSwap


Kendrick Tan


Logan Saether

Joel John

Gustav Arentoft


Asaf Shachaf

Simona Pop

Ruitao Su

Tech Edu at Web3 Foundation &

Researcher & Teaching Assistant at Stanford University

Research at Outlier Ventures

Head of Product at Bancor Foundation

Dev Ops / Engineering @ OmiseGo. Blockchain Dev @ Ethereum Foundation

Chief Engagement Officer at Pepo. ConsenSys Grants board. Co-founder @ethBounties. 

Founding Partner of 1kx

Business Development, Maker Foundation

Co-Founder Laminar & Acala - DeFi On Polkadot

Seb Audet

Ezechiel Copic

Nicholas Fett

Joao Reginatto

Adrian Li

Thibauld Favre


Daniel Pyrathon 

Deborah Simpier

CTO at Tellor

Head of Official Sector Engagement at cLabs; Former Director of Central Banks & Public Policy via World Gold Council

CEO of Fairmint

Founder of DefiSnap

Director of Frontend Engineering

Engineer at 0x

Co-Founder & CEO of Althea

VP Product & USDC Product Lead at Circle

Co-Founder & CEO at Balancer Labs


Molly Mackinlay

Niklas Kunkel

Jack Platts



Nitya Subramanian

Kain Warwick

Operator of Metacartel

Business Development & Partnerships at Web3 Foundation

Founder of Nexus Mutual; Decentralized Insurance

(IPFS) Project Lead & Senior PM

Head of Backend Services, Maker Foundation 

Founder of Synthetix

PieDAO & AuditDAO

Partner at cLabs:Product

Kevin Bluer

Catherine Coley

Eli Ben Sasson

Tarun Chitra


Ben Perszyk


Head of Developer Curriculum & Training at Truffle Suite / ConsenSys

CEO of Binance USA

Co-Founder at QuiCash; EIR at Matter Labs

Head of Portfolio Operations at Polychain Capital

Co-Founder, President & Chairman of the Board at StarkWare

Co-Founder & CEO of
Trail of Bits

Founder & CEO of Gauntlet

Brought To You By

Hsin-Ju Chuang

CEO & Founder of Dystopia Labs; Prev: Head of Growth at Stellar, Solana, & a Director at Tezos. Mentor at 500 Startups.

Special Thanks


Ric Burton

David Gogal

Remy Lyon

Simona Pop

Erica Kang

Cameron Dennis

TinaZhen &

Independent Designer who helped Stripe & Ethereum

Founder first | Advisor @paperchainio | NYC Curator

Chief Engagement Officer at Pepo. ConsenSys Grants board. Co-founder @ethBounties. 

President Of The Blockchain Acceleration Foundation

Founder of KryptoSeoul

Chair of IEEE Blockchain LA 


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